Exciting new data sets available on compagen.org

29th October, 2014 – New Data Sets from the Adamska lab on sponge Sycon ciliatum (Genome, Transcriptome and Protein translations) and Leucosolenia complicata (Transcriptome and Protein translations). The sequence data are available in the DataSets and Blast sections.

Leininger S, Adamski M, Bergum B, Guder C, Liu J, Laplante M, Bråte J, Hoffmann F, Fortunato S, Jordal S, Rapp HT and Adamska M. 2014. Developmental gene expression provides clues to relationships between sponge and eumetazoan body plans. Nature Comm. DOI: 10.1038/ncomms4905

22nd October, 2014 – New transcriptome sequences for Clytia hemisphaerica – CHEM_T-CDS_141022. Added to DataSets and Blast sections following publication of the research paper:

Lapébie, P., Ruggiero A., Barreau C., Chevalier, S., Chang, P., Dru, P., Houliston E., and Momose T (2014) Differential Responses to Wnt and PCP Disruption Predict Expression and Developmental Function of Conserved and Novel Genes in a Cnidarian. PLoS Genetics, 10(9): e1004590. doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1004590