Great News for Interdisciplinary Research at Kiel University

We received funding for a new Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) “Neurotronics: Bio-inspired Information Pathways“. In close collaboration between electro engineers and evolutionary biologists at Kiel University, the CRC will explore novel hardware technologies for novel bio-inspired computing architectures paving the way towards a paradigm change in information processing. Projects by Thomas Bosch and by Alexander Klimovich aim to model functional circuit growth including sensory information processing of the nervous system of Hydra to derive fundamental biological principles of neuronal circuit growth. Based on a spatiotemporal map of the nervous system of developing Hydra polyps, an electrical circuit mimicking the activity patterns of light-modulated body contractions will be synthesized. A wave digital emulation will reveal how the nervous system of a Hydra hatchling processes visual sensory information related to light stimulation.